The Tobler Creek Trail

The Start of the Tobler Creek Trail, 2019

The Tobler Creek Trail is a 3/4 mile hiking trail visitors can enjoy at their leisure. The land surrounding Andalusia is a beautiful, scenic expanse with a wide variety of wildlife including white tail deer, wild turkey, red-tail hawks, beaver, raccoons, aquatic birds, and a whole host of reptiles and amphibians. The forests surrounding the trail feature several species of Pine and Hardwood trees such as White and Red Oaks, gums, yellow poplars, hickories, sycamores, and maples. Tobler Creek itself intersects the property near the west corner and meanders down to exit at the southeast boundary.

At the bottom of the hill across from Main House where the Tobler Creek Trail begins is a man-made livestock pond. Regina Cline O’Connor wanted a nice, shallow place where the dairy herd could cool off during the hot Georgia summer, but the local government stepped in and told her she had to make it 2 feet deep straight down to keep mosquitos from breeding in it. Regina wasn’t happy about that as she was worried the cows would hurt themselves getting in and out. The land itself is rich with history, as well. Tobler Creek was one of several “rum running” creeks in the area dating back to the 18th century and the area was a place where Europeans and Native Americans interacted and developed trade agreements. In a letter to one of her friends, Flannery shared her amazement at learning the land’s history; “I did not know that we live on the borders of what was once the Creek Nation” (The Habit of Being, O’Connor 300).