The Equipment Shed

The Equipment Shed, 2019

The Equipment Shed is where the workers would store the larger machinery while not in use. On display are several pieces of equipment used during the O’Connor’s time here including a mixed feed maker, a large grain funnel, and a disc plough and planter.

Various Historic Farm Machines

Farm machinery, or more specifically mishaps involving farm machinery, are featured in Flannery’s writing, one fatal example being the final scene in her short story “The Displaced Person.” The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) filmed an adaptation of The Displaced Person at Andalusia in the summer of 1976. The film, starring Irene Worth, John Houseman, and a young Samuel L. Jackson, was filmed over several weeks and the production team made slight temporary changes to the farm’s outbuildings to better reflect a typical farm in the 1940s.

Samuel L. Jackson as “Sulk”
Public Broadcasting System, 1977

In 2014, a tree fell onto the Equipment Shed. The Flannery O’Connor/Andalusia foundation replaced the roof and restored the building soon after.